Joan Butterfield
​Artist     Art Innovator     Art Curator     Author

When Joan became the Art Director of the Association of African Canadian artists. It was her goal to promote African-Canadian art as Canadian Art. To provide resources, support and tools to assist African-Canadian Artists find their way in the Canadian and International art arena.

She has, for the past 20 years collected, purchased, written and re written 1000’s of articles on how they can accomplish these goals


Several years ago Joan authored and sold over 750 copies of her eBook “The Starving Artist Guide to Riches” A book that provides hundreds of tips, tricks and vital info for any artists who is really interest in becoming successful in this field.

Her book “Starving Artist Guide to Riches” is now FREE for the asking. Join her email list and she will send you a copy. Plus! you will be the first to get an updated copy (now being rewritten) of her new book A must read for beginning and emergent artist. 

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